This is my Day 1 out of 30 days of motion graphics.
I won’t be setting a theme since I’m currently exploring. But I’ll probably have a themed one in the future.

As for this gif, I finally made use of mymotiongraphic’s Motion Drop plugin. It’s an easy plugin with unlimited capabilities.  I recommend you guys to get it. That’s it. I need to get some shut eye right now so… see you tomorrow. :)


So I’ve been into a Motion Graphics training for my 2014 reel and rekindling my 3D skills through Cinema 4D.

As many of you know, Cinema 4D is a powerful tool for Motion Graphics. As someone who used 3dsmax and Maya in the past, this software has an easier UI and good dynamics. There’s also some good plug-ins that are available for free.

I’ve also had the chance to get to know more of the Motion Graphics through different blogs and talked with some people. It’s nice to know that there are others who are willing to help you and give you advice into the industry.

In the future, I still plan to do more and more tutorials. I will absorb as much as I can and put it into good use in my future client works.

Here are some of mytutorial outputs from my Motion Graphics “bootcamp”.




These tutorials are from Mt. Mograph and MyMotionGraphics.
Check them out.

I’ll also be doing a 30-day motion graphics animation soon. Please look forward to that and to my 2014 reel. And, I’ll try to upload a new tutorial output everyday. :)

03 Jun 14 at 1 am

Because I find solace in doodling

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19 Nov 13 at 7 pm

"Maybe that’s what I liked about film, it lets you experience everything that have happened and the moments that have passed. It takes you on that one moment to re-live it all. It’s our concrete and fathomable memories. The emotions, the lights, even the smell and the wind, you can fill it crunching your throat, and soon your very soul."

08 Oct 13 at 11 pm
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I just felt like writing and posting and talking to myself…

Nonetheless, Tada! Here I am!

Tonight’s Checklist of things to be done:

  1. Graphics Vector of T-shirt Design Concept #1 and #2
  2. Palettes and 3 Color studies for the Pre-School Book Coloring

Personal Checklist (Besides Freelance Projects)

  1. 30-day 1 second Motion Graphics from Steffen Knoesgaard, one of the best motion graphics artists that I know.
  2. Practice Cinema 4D
  3. Refresh and learn more about 3dsmax; and
  4. A painting as a gift for my BFF’s birthday.
  5. The Creative People’s Campaign
  6. To stop viewing social media and only use it for professional inquiries and a small chat with friends.
  7. My website’s new concept and design.

I’m booked and I feel so blessed, that even though I’m a freelance designer, I still can get enough income.

So for my week, I reformatted my computer and had my SSD to boot it so it’s damn fast. And here’s random photos (LQ photos from my oldie-but-goodie blackberry curve).

Top Left to Bottom Right:

First picture is a sunrise from our balcony. 2nd is The Gate Mall’s Ceiling. 3rd is me and my most favorite red dress when I was a wee lass. And the 4th is me trying to get a good selfie, but it’s blurred so yeah.

Thanks! And have an awesomely awesome epic week!


Good morning tumblr!

A little before going to sleep rant for me.

I’m now officially a graduate and in my full 20s. The supposedly “spring of your life.” And as some people know I decided to quit my first job and currently, I am nearing the end of my 2-month bum mode. However, I can’t really call it a bum mode since I still do lots of work and freelance here and there. But it’s the end of my gaming and relaxation part of my deal. I should get back to why I quit my job - training.  And I’m sorry for the sudden pause of 30-Day-Drawing Challenge, I will continue it after this freelance project.

I’m am now feeling the pressure of being a graduate in her early 20s. I’ve been trying to take solace in the different guides and success stories from other designers and professionals in the internet. I’ve been reading these The 10 Reasons Why No One Knows What They’re Doing in Their 20s. And some of these 15 Career Milestones Everyone Should Reach by Age 30 and 20 Things 20-Year-Olds Don’t Get and so much more. And I think I’m not the only one, my friends do so too. Are we now feeling the pressure?

A friend of mine also told me to learn money management, priority/focus management and time management. And I think he is right. I’ve been a flop with money management, I did got some items invested from my previous freelance like a 1.8F 50 mm, a Benro Tripod and a slider. It’s not bad but I would’ve done better if only I was putting a bit of it into my savings. So yes, I do have to learn it. And as for Priority and focus management, I am (and according to some reliable people) a Renaissance Designer, well because of my course, I try to do my best in everything and thus making me able to do whatever you toss at me. And now I am in a dilemma, I am a Jack-of-all-trades and a master of none. So now, I must truly focus or at least narrow down the things that I really want to do. And again, I’m decided with primarily Motion Graphics, Creative Direction, Color Grading, Post-Production (Editing) and a little DOP-ing and web in the side. I can only say that Motion Graphics requires a wide range of skills. And so, I must do my best in practicing these skills. And alas, time management, my once known friend. Back when I was taking up nursing in UST until I got into my first year in CSB, I was quite good with my time. I’m afraid of being late and such. But soon, I forgot and loss control in my time. Even until now, I succumb to the temptation of procrastinating, and I need to turn this down. And I am currently internalizing and practicing the need for Pre-Production.

Thankfully, even in my bum mode, I have a lot of job choices and freelance waiting for me. Thanks to my friends who continually trust and support me (despite of my procrastinating habits) and I will do my best to make-up to them. I have a website and AVP motion design with my friend for a book publishing. And I also have a TV series to Color Correct if it gets approved by next month. Some of my friends asks me to work for a web designing place and a friend of mine could refer me to a good production house. And there’s freelance and unending conceptualization and business strategies for The Creative People. I feel so darn blessed, but I still need to hone my skills. Nonetheless, I am thankful to the Lord and to my friends. Thank you so much for believing in me. :)

That’s it for my rant and I am now retiring to bed with an anxious mind yet courageous heart.

- Louielyn Mata

I haven’t posted for the past 2 days but I kept drawing. I was so busy with graduation and what-nots. But no worries, I’m completely happy. So 30 Day Drawing Challenge continues on! :)

Day 2: Favorite Animal

Tada! My favorite animal is a dog!

I’ve grown up with dogs, and I think I can’t manage to live without one. They are your natural stress relievers and your best friend. I remember back when I was a kid and I was crying and hugging my late dog, Twinkle. But now, I have a female Mini Pinscher named Michi and I love her so.

I’ve been trying different drawing styles and different coloring styles. I was pretty happy with what came out. I’m already reaping benefits from this challenge. Yey!

Day 3: Favorite Food

Unleash the inner carnivore in me! I could eat these forever. Whether with rice or just the meat and whether with brown gravy, worcestershire sauce or creamy buttery sauce, and it’s MEDIUM RARE, I will love it. :)

The most delicious steak I have ever tasted if from Snackaroo in Sgt. Ibardolaza, Quezon City along Kamuning. You guys should try it, it is definitely worth it. And it’s also affordable, yey!

This is me, reconnecting with my hobby because I haven’t drawn for months now.

This 30 Day Drawing Challenge copy has always been in my desktop, and maybe I just wasn’t in the mood to be committed into doing it for 30 days. So after, a lot of thinking, I am now doing this challenge.

I’m sorry if this is not really the posts you want to see. I just want to explore and do this little hobby of mine.

Okay, a little of bit of back story, because I just want to tell you guys. I have been drawing since I was in Grade 2 and until now that I’m 21. However I didn’t really go solid with illustration because this is a hobby for me. Something that now, I want to do to release and enjoy. Back when I was a kid, I was really hard of myself because I wanted to draw really well. I was in the middle of my anime/manga addiction and I wanted to do my own. I didn’t want to copy and I was stubborn enough to have my own style, even until now. I even did a lot of comics and tried my hand at writing. It’s nice thinking about it, how I got all attracted in art. Later in college, I got diverted into a lot of stuff especially when I started studying Multimedia Arts. However, drawing for me really makes you feel back home.

So, it was pretty long intro and here. I’m getting acquainted with my tablet again and It starts today.

DAY 1: Yourself

As you can see, I have not drawn my real life me. I’m actually introducing my style to you, and I love putting make-up lately and it just showed here. *lol* And, yes, my hair is crummy, wavy, frizzy and it’s a bit lighter. I gained weight so I don’t wear tight or too revealing outfits anymore. It sucks. Lol. 3D + 2D coloring in BW! If I’m appearing to your peeve then sorry but this is how it went out and I just got on with it. XD

26 Jun 13 at 2 am
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So hi, just a little post in the middle of the night. *insert awkward shyness*
Who said only bad things happen after 2:30 AM?

So heck, here goes my little rant.

Lately, I’ve been feeling a little out of control. I needed some of my discipline and passion back, please, wherever you are.

First things first, why did I quit my job? I’ve been hearing a whole lot damn of people asking me this. They say “It’s the money”, “You have a good paying job”, “you need experience”, “blah blah” and a whole lot more. I don’t really hate it but I don’t really want to elaborate myself more. Sometimes, I just want bygones to be bygones, but that isn’t how things work out around here, do they?

I left work because I needed space, to think and enjoy. I don’t know if I’m in the brink of burnout but after a year’s worth of thesis, shoots, freelance projects and socialization, I think I deserve a month’s time for myself. Just a little time to keep in touch and answer to my little introvert self. I love what I do, but writers and artists alike experience a phenomenon called an artist’s block or writers block, even if they don’t want it, they have no choice but  to just wait through it. Another concept that I can also be experiencing is Burnout - Noun; 1. The reduction of a fuel or substance to nothing through use or combustion; 2. Physical or mental collapse caused by overwork or stress; I can’t really explain but I think it’s both. I’m doing this because I love my job, and I want to be happy living with it.

Secondly, I want a time for myself. A little time for self-discovery wouldn’t be so bad. I would like to explore a bit more and train myself in areas that I will really love. And thinking right now, I think I want to pursue motion graphics. It’s really where everything I want to do meet, Graphics, 2D, a bit of 3D, motion, illustration and though I may not be good at it, motion graphics also requires a good deal of Sound Design. It is challenging but, I’ve always liked the adrenaline. I want to learn more, train more and build my portfolio. I want to improve and create my branding, I want to be painstakingly happy with what I’m doing. Happiness and satisfaction - this is all I need.

So, another issue is me losing control of my weight and eating habits. When I get all stressed out, I eat and eat, and eat. I’m starting to not care about my weight and how I look. I thought that maybe I was too happy with my boyfriend and I think it’s great that I don’t really look all so good. But I just realized that this isn’t it. It’s just that I lack control and I’m trying to blame other people for it. I need to regain my confidence. I need to take charge, and finish what I started.

Also, I think I’m losing touch with someone who was always there for me, and I need to take care of this person. I want him to be happy, but sometimes I just tend to be too selfish and immature.

Lastly, I think that I need to pray again. I’m in a midst of questions about my faith. I even think that I’m going agnostic. It’s not that I hate being a catholic but I know my faith is more than any institution. I just know that there is a God, who is with me and who loves me unconditionally. And I need to spread that love around me. And through my work, inspire others.

I need to think things through.

I need to discipline myself.

I need to work hard.

I need to enjoy myself.

I need to love.

I need to pray.

10 Jun 13 at 10 am

Doodle during my school retreat. No.1 

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Doodle during my school retreat. No.1 

Had a good talk with my mom.

These are the moments to be thankful for.

10 Apr 13 at 11 pm

Above the waters

One of the best shots that I’ve ever taken.

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Above the watersOne of the best shots that I’ve ever taken.2011


Pardon me for the photo quality for it is my mom’s shot from her digicam.

Simplexity - the exploration between the simple and the complex.

These are my artworks for our Simplexity Exhibit last term, I just found out that I have these photos. I was so busy doing the video coverage  during the event.

These are the artwork titles, (from top then, left to right)
1. Half
2. Look Up
3. It’s Easy

Honestly, my most favorite is Look Up and It’s easy, it’s me sending a message to be passionate and keeping on the dream.

P.S. These are still for sale.

For the Video Highlights of the opening night, watch here.
Videography and Edit by Louielyn Mata
Some shots also came from Kaye Raymundo

Simplexity: Opening Night from Louielyn Mata on Vimeo.

10 Apr 13 at 2 am

marunong pala tumingin sa camera ang mga isda

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marunong pala tumingin sa camera ang mga isda
10 Apr 13 at 2 am

To the Golden Sky

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To the Golden Sky