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Hi guys! This is spinoff of yesterday’s post.

I just played with it and what not. Now it produces a trippy hipster look.

Thanks for viewing!


Hi guys!

I’ve been really into work and sims 4 lately.
But motion graphics has always been in my heart, hence, I’ve really missed doing this.

Anyway, I’m into geometric whatnots right now and I’m constantly experimenting. Here’s a c4d vortex render with cellshading.

Thanks for seeing my work.

Hi! This is my Day 8!

So I’ve been looking into Newton 2 for After Effects. It’s a AE physics plugin. It’s a good program to tinker with all the 2D dynamics.

Anyway, this animation is a soft bodies test. I’m also experimenting with the joints and magnetism. Honestly, it’s a good plugin that allows you to have a multitude of outcomes.

Also, this was used in Apple’s famous Designed By Apple minimalist motion. Neat huh? :)

Thanks for viewing!



Hi! This is my Day 7!

I’ve skipped for 4 days! Wow. I’ve missed doing some motion. Actually, I’ve went home for the first two days (because family first). Then for the two succeeding days, I was really sick and I rendered this 160 frames of animation for almost that duration.

Anyway! I’m back and kicking!

This is from C4D guru Greyscale Gorilla and NT1 Bumpers by Anthony Tournadre.

I got this from a tutorial about the usage of metaballs by GG. I’ve tried my hand on it because I wanna know the metaball magic and here it is. But really, the GI Physical render was painstakingly long. I can’t emphasize that enough. If this frequently happens, then my 30 days will do need to have some break. But let’s not hope that it would always be like that. Then again, for me, quality is better than quantity.

Thanks for viewing and please continue to support my project.



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So here’s my Day 6.

I actually didn’t use any tutorials on this.
I can proudly say that I just experimented and came up with this.

It’s gives off a ballpen sketch effect. Anyway, here it is. Thanks for viewing and please continue to support my 30 days of motion.



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Hi! Here’s my Day 5 out of 30 days of motion. Again this is from Greyscale Gorilla’s Tutorial and Ion Lucin’s Spherikal.

It’s a bit more sullen and minimalist than the others.

I’m honestly having trouble right now with my desktop keyboard. My ctrl key is stuck and I can’t even undo or copy paste or even ctrl alt del. We all know that keyboard shortcuts is a designer’s friend so this really sucks bigtime. Anyway, here it is.



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I got to see Greyscale Gorilla tutorial and Ion Lucin’s work about spheres. Actually, I’ve been frequently seeing this back then in different sites and I was in complete awe whenever I see something like this. I’m glad that finally, I actually had the chance to do it myself.

Great kudos to Nick Campbell and Ion!

This is made from C4D and AE.

Oh and I actually fixed some minor details in this blog. It’s surprisingly easy now to just edit anything in web. :)

02 Sep 14 at 1 am

Pablo Picasso

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"I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it."

*The animated file is quite big so please wait for it to load. Thank you.

So hello! I’m proud to say that I am fully committed to this project! Even though I don’t get much sleep, I still want to work on this. I gotta practice some disciple too.

Anyway, I got this from a tutorial from Greyscale Gorilla about refractions. It’s really trippy and depending on the color scheme and polygon, you’ll get lots of possible results. I really had fun doing this.

And honestly, the gif doesn’t do justice to the 16bit colors.

Thanks for viewing!
See ya tomorrow!




It’s quite a big file so please wait for it to load. :)

I got around and played with Plexus and some Trapcode Form.
This was made using Cinema 4d and AE.

I’m an hour late because of my fcked up sleeping schedule. Anyway, thanks for seeing this.




This is my Day 1 out of 30 days of motion graphics.
I won’t be setting a theme since I’m currently exploring. But I’ll probably have a themed one in the future.

As for this gif, I finally made use of mymotiongraphic’s Motion Drop plugin. It’s an easy plugin with unlimited capabilities.  I recommend you guys to get it. That’s it. I need to get some shut eye right now so… see you tomorrow. :)


So I’ve been into a Motion Graphics training for my 2014 reel and rekindling my 3D skills through Cinema 4D.

As many of you know, Cinema 4D is a powerful tool for Motion Graphics. As someone who used 3dsmax and Maya in the past, this software has an easier UI and good dynamics. There’s also some good plug-ins that are available for free.

I’ve also had the chance to get to know more of the Motion Graphics through different blogs and talked with some people. It’s nice to know that there are others who are willing to help you and give you advice into the industry.

In the future, I still plan to do more and more tutorials. I will absorb as much as I can and put it into good use in my future client works.

Here are some of mytutorial outputs from my Motion Graphics “bootcamp”.




These tutorials are from Mt. Mograph and MyMotionGraphics.
Check them out.

I’ll also be doing a 30-day motion graphics animation soon. Please look forward to that and to my 2014 reel. And, I’ll try to upload a new tutorial output everyday. :)

03 Jun 14 at 1 am

Because I find solace in doodling

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19 Nov 13 at 7 pm

"Maybe that’s what I liked about film, it lets you experience everything that have happened and the moments that have passed. It takes you on that one moment to re-live it all. It’s our concrete and fathomable memories. The emotions, the lights, even the smell and the wind, you can fill it crunching your throat, and soon your very soul."

08 Oct 13 at 11 pm
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I just felt like writing and posting and talking to myself…

Nonetheless, Tada! Here I am!

Tonight’s Checklist of things to be done:

  1. Graphics Vector of T-shirt Design Concept #1 and #2
  2. Palettes and 3 Color studies for the Pre-School Book Coloring

Personal Checklist (Besides Freelance Projects)

  1. 30-day 1 second Motion Graphics from Steffen Knoesgaard, one of the best motion graphics artists that I know.
  2. Practice Cinema 4D
  3. Refresh and learn more about 3dsmax; and
  4. A painting as a gift for my BFF’s birthday.
  5. The Creative People’s Campaign
  6. To stop viewing social media and only use it for professional inquiries and a small chat with friends.
  7. My website’s new concept and design.

I’m booked and I feel so blessed, that even though I’m a freelance designer, I still can get enough income.

So for my week, I reformatted my computer and had my SSD to boot it so it’s damn fast. And here’s random photos (LQ photos from my oldie-but-goodie blackberry curve).

Top Left to Bottom Right:

First picture is a sunrise from our balcony. 2nd is The Gate Mall’s Ceiling. 3rd is me and my most favorite red dress when I was a wee lass. And the 4th is me trying to get a good selfie, but it’s blurred so yeah.

Thanks! And have an awesomely awesome epic week!